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Mari. Mosolyog. És úgy néz ki, mint aki él.

Awww. Annyira cukik 😀

És még nincs vége: Mari és Robbie közös interjú.

“It was around about 5-0 in the first set she asked me if I moisturise my hands,” Murray revealed.

“I was thinking she wasn’t taking this too seriously.”

At that point Robson interjected: “Have you seen his hands? They are pretty disgusting. It was a good question I thought.”

“I’m going to blame her a little bit though because she started asking me if I moisturise my hands and I think maybe she lost her concentration just a little bit.”

“But she’s only 15 so I’ll let her off. It was fun. She hit me on the back at one point – I don’t think I really deserved that… it was sore already because I was carrying her!”

Robson also texted Murray earlier in the day to make sure their playing kits did not clash in the mixed doubles, with the Scot being told he had to change his planned attire.

“I was going to wear blue, green and white like I did in the (singles) match and then Laura said she had purple which clashed with blue. I had to change.”

Robson matched her senior partner in the banter department with a nice line in self-deprecation and responded with: “I’m kind of proud of my volleys in the tie-break, they’re the only ones I made!

“I will take out of the evening that I should work more on my serve and we should communicate more so that he doesn’t hit me!”

Mari, akit a 15 évesek is dróton rángatnak, lol 😀