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Emlékeztek, amikor Henin azt mondta, hogy nem Kim sikeres visszajövetele, hanem Fed RG győzelme miatt akar újra teniszezni?

Na, most ezt részletesebben is kifejtette:

On June 7, she watched a TV broadcast of a tennis match for the first time since her retirement 13 months earlier. She had not been interested before then. She was so uninterested that, in that time, she had only hit balls twice and those were attempts at social tennis with friends.

But Federer had won everything going apart from Roland Garros and she wished him well, and so she decided to watch. And as he at last sealed a French Open title, says Henin, “I started to feel something strange.” She describes this as a “little voice inside me” that so surprised her that “for the first few days, I didn’t want to hear it”. These words are very personal: “I couldn’t believe that this thing inside my heart that I thought was dead was coming back — this thought that I could walk on the court again.”


“I never thought Wimbledon would make me happier,” she says. She thought that what mattered was the journey of her career, the hard work, the teamwork, the team around her — and they did matter. But she kidded herself that that — and three of the four Slams — was enough. The day Federer completed his full set, she realised it was not.

Remélem, legalább egy Sgt. Peppers kabátot kapni fog fáradozásaiért 😉

Közben szegény Luczak is szembe találta magát Fed teljes agyamentségével 😉

In a broader sense, Luczak is already putting back in, joining the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic as an ATP Player Council member for the past two years. The nine-man group tries to meet monthly, and Luczak has been impressed by Nadal’s passion for the sport as well as Federer’s selfless commitment to – and interest in – tennis at all levels, not just his own.

”I wouldn’t have thought Federer would know a player like me, but before I was even on the council he’d always say hello,” says Luczak, admiringly. ”And he’s always checking people’s results; he even knows results from Futures and Challengers. It’s really impressive. He must get on the computer and check out everyone’s results every week.”

Hát, nem lepődnék meg, ha tényleg így lenne 😀