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Kivételesen most gyorsan megvan a sajtótájékoztató 🙂 Fed szerint az első szett lett a végzete, és az, hogy ez egy kib*** hosszú év volt. És az újságírók továbbra is hülyék 😉 Egyébként nem volt letörve, jól elpoénkodott az újságírókkal 🙂

Q. We spoke yesterday already about your first sets here that were difficult. Another one today. Does it worry you at all or…

ROGER Federer: I tried everything to have a good start. I wasn’t able to do it again, so, sure, it’s disappointing. I guess the important thing is your serve works, you know. Maybe I just couldn’t get my serve working, you know, in the first set this week. On top of that, you know, played top guys. It’s just not easy.

But I think that definitely cost me maybe two out of the four matches, you know. You can’t turn around every single match against top guys because then you don’t have enough cushion anymore at the end. It’s a game of luck at the end. Not that this one was one. But things swing so quickly, you know, at this pace we play at. That’s why I think this is where I made my mistakes, just to hand him over the first set. It was a pity.

Q. You started very fast. I think you won the first seven points. What happened then? Was it concentration?

ROGER Federer: No, I think I picked sometimes wrong choice of shots, you know, right from the start, that let him sort of recover, not be a break down.

After that, I didn’t serve very well in the first set at all. So that gave him obviously opportunities to start to find his range from the baseline. So that was pretty much the story in the first set

Second set, it was more a story of just trying to hang on, you know, get through to the third. As the match wore on, I actually started to feel better and better. I was starting to feel better, which made my life easier throughout the match. In the end, you know, indoors, you never know what can happen. It could swing either way. I was a couple of points away, but just couldn’t get it done.

Q. Everybody expected Davydenko would be tired after yesterday’s match. How would you estimate his game today? Was it just luck for him? He managed to beat you for the first time in his career.

ROGER Federer: Well, I didn’t think it was a particularly physical match. So that’s why I don’t think it had anything to do with fitness. We’re professional tennis players. We’re used to playing many matches in the same week. These are not best-of-five-set matches. Doesn’t usually come down to a lot of fitness. It’s just a long season. That means that you’re more maybe mentally fatigued for some.

But he missed quite a few months of the season early on, before. Really the season was sort of already into Miami and stuff before he started really playing. So I think he also has got some reserves left.

És akkor Fed kedvenc témája, minden baj okozói, a sajtó:

I think he [Davigyenko] didn’t have the easiest of last few years, you know, where people suspected him of doing bad things in the sport, you know. He had a cloud over his name for quite some time, which was not very fair at the end now. I think he handled it very well towards the end To be able to continue playing this well by being asked always the same stupid questions must not have been very easy for him.


But looking at the bright side, I still had a great season. Looking how deep the game is right now. To finish on top for me is phenomenal. I don’t know, I try not to look at too much what I did wrong this week or what I did wrong today. This is my last press conference of the year, so I’m happy (smiling).

I had a good season, and I don’t have to answer any questions anymore.

És ezzel függöny le, mindenki haza 😉