A friend goes to war in Afghanistan with the Spanish army. Do you have a few words?

It’s hard to say anything. It seems so incredible to me that you go to war! Just saying, “I go to war,” seems inconceivable. Virtually all the bad things that happen in life are the fault of the radicalism of any kind, that trigger problems that could be avoided. You can have hobbies, sympathies, beliefs, but always with respect for the opinions of others, without fail. Same with religion. One can be religious, atheist, Christian, Muslim, whatever, but there have been too many atrocities to get here that have been made by religion. For me religion is the biggest killer in history.

Fed sem maradhatott ki, persze. Azt hiszem, Rafa elég pontosan látja, hogy mi a különbség Fed és őközte. De bírom, hogy ugyanazzal a mozdulattal le is söpri ezt a dolgot, mint olyasmit, aminek semmi jelentősége nincs.

What tennis player do you admire most?

The best in the history that I’ve seen is Roger Federer.  Mainly it’s the talent that he has to do things. I’ve seen him train many times and rarely have seen him do it with the intensity with which I have done all my life. In fact, never. That impresses me. A player like him has really worked hard since childhood, but you see him train and don’t pay much attention. He has this ease where with little concentration inspiration comes and grabs the feeling right away, and he makes the most difficult things become very easy.

Do you envy that ability?

I do not want to be confusing: I have no envy whatsoever. Of course, I would like to win what he has won. Everyone has what he has, I am very happy with what I have won up to now, and the truth is that he has some special, innate qualities.

Azért nem hagyta ki, hogy odapiszkáljon egy kicsit 😉

Do you remember the last time you cried?

Yes, I’ve cried plenty of times, but counting them is irrelevant now. Everybody cries.

In a tournament, like Federer?

Also, I’ve cried about losing, but not on the court. When I lost Wimbledon in 2007 I cried, but in the locker room. I do not like to do it in front of people.

Azt hiszem, ha Fed egyszer elmondaná, hogy valójában mit gondol a saját karrierjétől, hasonlókat mondana:

How much does your girlfriend help to maintain motivation, to keep growing?

I believe in nothing. In continuing to grow as an athlete no one can help you, not your family, your coach, nobody. It is you who has to continue to have the motivation, enthusiasm and the conviction that you can make the effort to remain the best. Or you have it or you’ve told yourself 200 times, that if you don’t want, you don’t want.

Sok szerencsét, Uncle Toni. Szükséged lesz rá 😉