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Ha már átböngésztétek a párizsi sorsolást, biztos feltűnt, hogy Tommy is ott van: megkapta a zöld jelzést az orvosaitól, H1N1 leküzdve. Mindezt egy nagyon helyes blogbejegyzésben adta tudtunkra:


Hey fans,

I’m getting in touch to relieve you of some of your worries. During the last hours news of me suffering from swine flu were featured in the press. This is only partially true, as I am feeling much better by now. A few days ago my GP here in Munich did confirm that I was carrying the H1N1-Virus but a further test yesterday showed that my blood test results are back to normal again and that I managed to get rid of the swine flu virus. That’s why I was already training for my comeback in the gym today.

So I am well on the way to claim my starting position in Paris. This wouldn’t have been possible only a few days ago. After retiring from the match against Nieminen in Stockholm I tried to recover from the alleged flu in my hotel for 3 days. But it just got worse and worse. My head felt really heavy, I had a high fever and very nasty body aches.

On Saturday I finally flew to Munich to get a check-up by my local GP. At that point I already suspected that I caught the virus in Stockholm, but I wanted to make sure. The result was positive, which shocked me initially. But I was relieved when I heard that I would probably bounce back quickly due to my good constitution.

So I am in a good mood again. From tomorrow I will be able to see my older sister, who has just gotten pregnant again, my nephew and my little niece. To date, I had to avoid my family as the risk of infection was simply too high. And I am so relieved that Sarah didn’t catch it. She even came to Munich to comfort me. And it really worked.

I am determined to play in Paris-Bercy as I don’t want to end the season like this, of course. I am in good spirits. Let’s see whether that will suffice for the tournament. Afterwards Sarah and I will cross the pond again as the weekend after next her dad is celebrating his sixtieth Birthday party in Miami. I have a surprise in store that I won’t give away here, of course. Who knows, he might be checking…

Many thanks in any case for your good wishes. Fortunately, they are no longer acute.

See you soon and take care.


Vannak azonban olyanok, akiknek nem bír olyan nagy fontossággal a párizsi torna, mint pl. Tommynak…

Ernie-ke ugyanis mindent megtesz azért, hogy senki számára ne legyen kétséges, hogy milyen fontossággal is bír a tenisz az ő kis életében: nem jelent meg a párizsi kvalifikáción, oda se utazott, ez azonban csak akkor derült ki, amikor az ellenfele csak várt és várt…


Állítólag Ernie a hírt meghallva, csak annyit közölt, hogy jesszusom, erről elfelejtkeztem 😀

/Ernie korábban azt mondta, hogy Szentpétervár volt az utolsó tornája ebben az évben, azt ugyan nem tudom, hogy miért, amikor végre elkezdett normálisabban játszani… Bázelből vissza is lépett, gondolom, Párizsból is vissza akart, csak ezt elfelejtette jelezni… /

Egyébként Moszkvában van, gondolom, már a jól megérdemelt nyaralását tölti 😉