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Mari arról elmélkedett, hogy miért is teljesen felesleges a mosolygás és persze, a szokásos Fed megjegyzés sem maradhatott el 😉

“I’m never going to smile on the court. I don’t see the other top guys smiling and joking when they are playing. It is a serious business. It’s the same in other sports. Before or after you might joke around — I spend most of my time joking around. But when you step on the court it is business. I’ve got three hours to concentrate so that’s what I do.

“I don’t think I do anything to offend people. Sometimes with the way I am on the court, people might not like it — I don’t like it sometimes — but when you are competing you get frustrated. I am sure sometimes you have a bad day at work and are in a bad mood for whatever reason. The difference is that when I show my emotions it is on TV.”

“It is all dependent on whether you are winning or not. Look at someone like Federer — he obviously loves the sport and has been right at the top of the game for the last eight years. He always looked like he was really enjoying himself on court. But at the start of this year, when he was struggling a bit and wasn’t winning as much, he broke a racket and was getting angry.”

Andy! Tudod mit szoktak mondani arról, amikor valaki mindig valaki mást emleget, akkor is, ha épp nem róla van szó. Meg arról is, ha valakit indokolatlanul nagyon utálsz.

Csak szólok 😉