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A brit újságírók kedvenc témái a pressereken: Mari, a tető és Roger. Ebben a sorrendben 😉

Van, aki készségesen válaszol:

Q. What is your sense of appreciation for Roger’s accomplishment as he approaches the possibility of breaking Sampras’ record for majors, given your experience in majors?

LLEYTON HEWITT: It’s amazing what Roger’s done. Every record that he’s equaled or broken is amazing in itself. Yeah, the way that he’s been able to go out and be so consistent in so many Grand Slams back to back is, yeah, an incredible effort. It’s hard enough just to do it for a couple years. He’s been able to do it for, you know, five or six years now in a row.

But, you know, something like 20‑odd Grand Slam semifinals in a row which is, yeah, a little bit unheard of. Yeah, physically you’ve got to be extremely strong to be able to do that, but obviously mentally as well. Not to have lapses in the first week of a Grand Slam, it’s not that easy.

Q. When you watch him play, what do you appreciate most?

LLEYTON HEWITT: He’s got a great all‑court game. He’s a very smart player.

Q. Is there anything you can take from the male players in your game?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yesterday I watched Federer play. Uhm, I think I can learn a lot from him, just the way he plays on the grass. I think grass is such a specific surface, and you really have to understand it to do well. And this is the first year that I feel, you know, I’m sort of starting to use grass for my advantage, and, you know, try to work it.

Federer does that so good. So it was great to see that, and it give me encouragement that I’m actually in the right way.

Q. What are your thoughts in general about Roger Federer when you watch him play, knowing that he may be setting the record for all‑time majors won?

ANA IVANOVIC: It looks so easy when he steps on the court. It looks so easy, doesn’t it? And I think he’s such a great champion. I mean, I was so thrilled for him when he won French Open. I actually had little tears in my eyes when he was doing the speech. And I think he deserves it so much. And he worked so hard.

You know, he just goes out there, and when he steps on the court, you know, he’s all about business. You know, it’s so hard to get chance against him, especially on the grass, I think.

Van, aki nem annyira:

Q. How difficult is it for not just you but players in general where Wimbledon has become so focused on Andy and the home interest?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: And Roger. I think they are focus on two player. But that’s the same in the other tournament. It is always Roger or Rafa. It’s always the same, so it’s not something difficult for me.

Q. Federer is one of the worst challengers. Does that surprise you? What do you think of that?

ANDY RODDICK: I just found an irrelevant stat.

Van, aki magától emlegeti Rogert (főként mert a kérdés Marira vonatkozott, lol):

Q. Is there any area of his game at all that anybody can work on or is there no weakness there?

VIKTOR TROICKI: I mean, depends from all the players. So far he’s beaten everyone so far I think. I’m not really sure. I mean, on grass, it’s difficult to say. I mean, Roger’s playing great on grass. Other players. I really don’t know. I mean, we will see later on in the tournament probably.

És van, aki csak úgy:

Q. People say you can work on your mental toughness. Can you work on your confidence? Is that something you can really shore up?

MARDY FISH: Part of it is mental toughness. I mean, every player goes through times where ‑‑ even the great Roger Federer goes through times where he feels like he’s not playing well. But somehow he obviously has a mental game that’s better than pretty much everybody. I don’t know how to do it. But it would be a good question to ask him. I’d like to ask him, just one‑on‑one, how he does that. It gets everybody, and it’s tough. I mean, I can’t emphasize it more. It’s a huge thing in tennis.

Q. And two, one or two of the top players, such as yourself, who complained about being put on outside courts. Are you happy with your scheduling?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I’m happy to have gotten my match over. I’m happy to have won. You know, I always play on Court No. 2. You know, it’s not a court for Roger, but it’s definitely a court for me. But I haven’t won Wimbledon five times.

Miért van az az érzésem, hogy Serena hasonlóan járt, mint Marion? Már az RG-n is a JMDP FTW! nyilatkozatok, most meg ez… Hát, ja, nehéz dolog ez 😉

/Basszus, dolgoznom kellene, de aaaanyira unom, hogy mindent csinálok csakhogy ne kelljen 😀 /