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És már tanácsokat is ad, hogy hogyan kellene Rogernek játszania 😉

If you’re serving and you got, you know, three match points, especially on sort of a grass court, you feel very confident you’re going to close out of match.

But when you go a couple of sets and a break up, you can think to yourself maybe you’re gonna sort of try some things out. You know, but you never ‑‑ I saw a little bit of Federer’s match yesterday. You know, he’s two sets to love up and 4‑Love up, if you try a few things or lose your concentration or think you finished the match, the guys are so good now, you try not to let them back in. So you just try and stay as focused as possible.

És “hogyan kezeljük gyermekeinket” Judy Murray-style:

Q. There was a suggestion that your mum left halfway through the game after a disagreement with somebody in the crowd. Have you spoken to her? Can you shed any light on that?

A: I would have thought if my mum left she probably went to watch my brother. I can’t imagine she would have left for any other reason. Typical, people trying to make stories out of stuff. She went to watch my brother to show that, you know, it’s not just about me, I guess.