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Q. Who’s your sporting idol?

Jelena Gyementyjeva: Roger Federer.

Q. Who would be your ideal partner for mixed doubles?

Jelena Gyementyjeva: Roger Federer. I’ve played against him before in an exhibition match in Hong Kong.

Miért érzem úgy, hogy ezek a csajok összekeverik a példaképet valami mással? 😉

Lleytont arról kérdezik, hogy milyen érzés, így 27 évesen, őskövületnek lenni:

Q. If you look to this tournament you see some former No. 1 players like Safin, Ferrero, you. You’re not still inthe 30s, but it seems like your generation cannot pick on anymore. How do you see that?

Lleyton Hewitt: Roger is doing all right for our generation. We’ll just hang on to him at the moment.

És bónuszként: Kolja megosztja véleményét a többiekről:

“Who’s the nicest guy on tour?

Nikolaj Davigyenko: They’re all really nice: Federer, Nadal. All of the guys in the top 100 are cool. But if you asked me which one was the best looking I’d say Feliciano Lopez. Everyone thinks he’s gorgeous, with his blue eyes and curly hair.”

Priceless 🙂