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I’m still surprised how quickly the mood swings with the media, with the fans, with everybody.

If I lose a set or two sets against Berdych, everybody is like, Oh, my God, he’s not the same anymore. And then you beat Del Potro and everything is back to normal. It’s just not the way it’s supposed to be, I don’t think.You don’t lose your edge that quickly. It’s just not possible. I know I’m playing well. I feel good. I know sometimes you can always run into a player that’s hot and you can lose. I’ve been able to control my opponents, and definitely got close against Berdych.

I still think I fought hard and deserved the victory in the end. Came up with two great victories now against Del Potro and Roddick, and usually that’s when I start playing my best: Towards the end of the tournament. I think this is where you should judge a great player.

Roger Federer arról, hogy az újságírók még mindig meg tudják lepni. Meg a rajongók is.