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I gave him an easy break in the first game and I never really recovered from that. I was kind of under pressure for a set.

I should have held my break, and then things would have been maybe a bit different. But letting him come back into the match in the second set, that kind of put me under quite a lot of pressure.

Then, obviously, in the breaker he played good tennis. You know, he was really aggressive, especially off the second serve as well. Seemed like every corner he wanted to hit, he got it. He was playing excellent.

To kind of weather the storm against him, it’s not easy to do. Once I got serving and moving and playing better, I was able to turn it around. So that was nice.

I know the danger of playing Tomas. He’s top 3, top 5 guy with most powerful shots in the game. You combine serve, forehand and backhand, it’s incredible how he ‑‑ the pace he gets with little effort.

That’s why he’s dangerous. Still in the fifth even though he looks like he’s beaten. You have to be so careful. Even the last game you saw it. I make one stupid mistake and then all of a sudden he can hit three screamers.

I know the danger of playing Tomas. I wish he was higher up in the rankings so you don’t have to play him that early. I think today he showed why he could be a wonderful player.

I don’t know what I feel. I wasn’t thinking of losing, that’s for sure. The finish line was still very far for Tomas. I knew that. You can still concentrate on playing just the points instead of thinking, Oh, my God, what’s going to happen?

I didn’t feel that way. I kind of felt after a terrible first set from my side that if I probably want to win this it’s going to go to five sets. I just felt it. I knew Tomas was dangerous, and if I played even still a great set or three great sets it’s probably not going to happen. He would squeeze one great set in there somewhere, second, third, or fourth.

That’s why I kind of was prepared for five from the start. I think that’s what made me be so determined towards the end. It was nice being in a battle with him. It was fair play. It was tough, good tennis towards the end. I believed in it all the way, and I think that was key in the end.

Ha tudtam volna, hogy ennyire tart Berdychtől, akkor jobban aggódtam volna előzetesen.

Teljes presser, újabb gyöngyszemmel a Hawkeye-ról + egy kis szúrkapiszka Marinak, ha esetleg Roger interjúkat olvasna szabadidejében 🙂