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A manóba már ezekkel a játékosokkal, nem értem, miért gondolják úgy, hogy legközelebb majd jobb lesz 😉 És miért mindegyiknek az az élete célja, hogy legyőzze RF-et?

Q. You’ve been so close to beat Roger Federer. Did you think the turning point was 3‑3 in the third set and then you hit the ball into the net?

A: I wouldn’t say I was so close. I won two sets and then I was 3‑All. Still, I mean, even if you have a match point you’re closer, but not close enough to beat him.

When the last ball is finished, the referee call the score, then it’s finished. I was quite far from this situation. But, yeah, I’m pretty happy with it. I won two sets with him. I give him a little more pressure. Yeah, I mean, this is just like best for some other matches that I find out maybe the way how to play with him. We will see in the next match.

Q. You pushed him into a very hard limit in the fourth set. Did you not have enough fuel in the tank and you wanted to finish it in the fourth set?

A: Well, I think to beat him, especially on the Grand Slam, the best way to win is in three sets. If you leave him to win one, two sets, then he’s going to be stronger and stronger. That’s just happened today.  I wanted to finish in the third set, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well. Yeah, like I said before, I’m quite happy with the game today.

Q. Last year you came very close to win the second set, and maybe you made not such a good choice with a drop shot. This year you seemed more disciplined, just playing maybe more smart. Do you have a different way of looking at the game than you had last year?

A: Yeah, sure. I mean, maybe it’s all the way ‑‑ like I made a change of my coach before the season. I already did preparation with him. Yeah, there is a lot of new things and new stuff I am trying to work on.

If already some of them are working and looks like that works today, so I’m pretty happy for that. It’s still already like one month, so I hope it’s going to be better in the future.

Q. Did you feel sometimes that he was afraid of you? You made some nervous shots sometimes. Did you feel you were getting to him?

A: Yeah, well, I think from the beginning ‑‑ well, I wasn’t not ready, but I didn’t want to start too aggressive from the first game. But it looks like that I got the chance since from the first point already, and then I just took the chance and was trying to pushing him as hard as I can.


It looks that it works, so I think right now the tennis is just about the chances. If you have a chance, you have to try to take the chance, and then I don’t know.