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Képzelt beszámoló Roger és Rafa szintén képzelt mallorcai találkozójáról

/a felelősek:Tim (2008 – Carbuncle Fred to Full Flight Fed!) és Crusader/

“Word from Mallorca is that after suiting it up for his best friends’ wedding extravaganze, Roger popped by Rafa’s house bringing gifts and a peace pipe … Roger marveled over pics of Rafa holding the Wimby trophy with Uncle Toni, and Rafa and Mirka went shopping for designer duds and bought some Swiss chocolate…

I forgot to mention that Ros was there, taking photos, which will be shared both by rf.com and rn.com and be available as wallpaper for your screensavers…

my favorite –i’ve been privy to a few shots– is the one with Uncle Toni and Roger, who’s shown squinting at a pic of Rafa holding the trophy shrouded by nightfall … Rumor is he mumbled “I still can’t see a damn thing …” thankfully out of earshot of Rafa.

Roger – “Rafa that life size pic of you holding/biting MY precious Wimbledon trophy just looks so good”

Rafa – “When I win big title, I always bite trophy, no?”

Roger: “When you win in Tiddlywinks, you bite the trophy, Rafa”

Rafa” “That not so nice, Rogelio. No nice.”