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Úgy érzed, hogy az égiek úgy döntöttek, hogy eddig túl jó volt neked, ezért most bepótolják, amiből eddig kimaradtál? Akármit csinálsz se sikerülnek úgy a dolgok, ahogy várnád? Amit eddig biztosnak hittél, arról kiderült, hogy nincs is? Minden szar és legszívesebben hagynád az egészet a fenébe?

Na, hát akkor gondold át újra!

“You always was get ready for five setters, but they’re fun when you play them. Sometimes, of course, they’re hard physically and mentally and the pressure is huge on me, because Igor doesn’t have a whole lot to lose. For me it’s way worse, so I’m very happy with the way we competed tonight.

I don’t remember if I ever played an entire five set match on center court. I remember playing Andre in five sets, but that was over two days, I don’t give myself the opportunity that much, because I always win easily. It’s fun for a change. Same as the Australian Open when I beat Tipsarevic 9-7 in the fifth. Being part of some dogfights, it’s fun for me.

I was really happy because in five sets you go through different stages of feelings, of playing well, playing bad. And in the fifth set you try not to make that many errors, and hopefully you’ll get off on a good start. That’s exactly what happened.

I think I’m at a stage today where I just really enjoy playing much more again, whereas maybe for a while it was quite, always the same for me go on court, you win all the time, so maybe you don’t take it for granted that much anymore.”

– Fed az Igor Andrejev elleni 6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3-ra, kínkeservesen megnyert meccs után.